Uoga Uoga - Micellar water with cranberry extract and hyaluronic acid 100ml - Gezichtsreiniger


Our Micellar Water contains a special moisturiser – hyaluronic acid. That’s why after using this micellar water the skin doesn’t feel dry or tight.

Additionally, we enriched it with rose water and two exceptional extracts: moisturising and soothing Aloe Vera, and rich with vitamins cranberry extract. What does this mean to you? That this micellar water does not only clean your skin, but also cherishes and pampers it!

Dermatologists confirmed that this product does non-irritating and is suitable for sensitive skin. It is also “Cosmos Organic“ certified, which means that its ingredients are natural and safe.

After cleaning your skin with Micellar Water, wash it off with regular tepid water. You’ll see your pores unclogged, while your skin- clean and fresh.


Apply a little bit of the product on the cotton pad and thoroughly clean off your make-up. Also suitable for washing off eye make-up, however try that the product does not get into the eyes. Wash off with warm water.

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